Sourcing the right materials and accessories

The selection and purchase of the appropriate material fabrics, buttons and buckles, yarns, and zippers – is always at the beginning of the production process in the textile industry. Companies not only have to find the right material and accessories for their workpiece, but also have to stand their ground in the face of cost pressure in global competition. This is where we come into play – we save you from wasting your valuable time researching extensive markets for materials for clothing and technical textiles, we support you by utilizing our experience and contacts in procurement management: The Global Garment Service searches for and finds the best materials and accessories for your products, continuously comparing quality and prices. Worldwide, efficient and effective.


The first sketches are down on paper and now a pattern is required? Every production starts with careful pattern construction. Many pattern makers are highly specialized in their own segment, some focussing mainly on shirts and jackets, others on swimwear or bags. We arrange for pattern designers to create the pattern for the prototype so that the final product can be sewn and a reference pattern can be made before going into series production. In addition to creating the pattern, we can also help with their digitalization as well as the revision and grading of the patterns according to measurement tables.


First designs have been created, material and accessory research has been completed and the pattern has also been made. Now the actual production process begins. The samples sewing department produces the first prototypes which are tested on models in the clothing sector and, in the technical textiles sector, tested for their practical suitability. Should the prototype fail to meet the requirements of the end user, it is altered and adapted again and again until the master sample is nothing less than perfect. Finally, it can be duplicated, is ready for series production and the first small series can be manufactured.


According to customer specifications and requirements and, with the benefit of our many years of experience, we establish where the production capacities are possible and offer these at various national and international production sites. With regard to factors such as price, order size, delivery time, fast implementation, proximity to customers, suppliers, and manufacturing companies, we work with you hand in hand to select the most suitable production location. We, thus, ensure the rapid processing of production orders as well as short and fast transportation routes. In the case of CM-Business, we work with partner companies mainly in Poland and Eastern European countries such as Romania and Bulgaria. As far as FOB Business is concerned, we work with producers in Turkey and, if needs be, in the Far East. This proximity offers many advantages: Short processing times for orders, acceleration of each production stage, and the rapid incorporation of last-minute customer requirements. In short: high flexibility and efficiency in production

Textile Processing

After production and transport, clothing and textiles often cannot be passed directly on to the retail trade. First, we make your goods ready for sale. In other words, the goods are put through stringent quality control and inspection procedure simultaneously sorting out and repairing faulty parts, ironing, labeling, and packaging. Years of experience in quality assurance as well as a reliable network of specialist personnel, who support us in this demanding task, are at our disposal during the refinishing stage. (Support in the order-picking process is also available on request).


We are at home in the international textile industry. Sewing factories are often located in South-East Europe, Turkey, or Asia. We not only find the right partners for your project but also organize the transport of your finished textiles by land, sea, and air – from the country of origin to the port or airport and then on to you. As experienced experts in the fields of import, export, and logistics, we are happy to take over the complete handling of all documents and formalities for import and export from and to Europe. We can also organize the safe and on-schedule transport of your textiles from the production facilities to the shop.